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Sample Pop-up Events

Be prepared for that and include it into the overall plan so you have solutions to any last minute problems. An event management software will provide you with all the help needed to plan, execute, and report on your pop-up event.

Organizers save a lot of time thanks to the software that lets them automate promotional activities before the event and other processes such as registration, booking, and follow-up.

Event management software can also assist you with your budget for the event and analytics to optimize your pop-up event ROI. A way to engage the attendees at your next pop-up event is to use audiovisual equipment such as projectors, screens, speakers, and lighting.

Whether you are organizing a presentation, a conference, or a training, using audio visual technology will encourage your audience to participate and will help you convey your message to them. Having access to a Wi-Fi connection gives you many advantages for your event. You will be able to increase sales by using mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Venmo.

Wi-Fi and bandwidth will increase the efficiency of your event by improving the communication with your audience, which is a key point for your event success. You want to make sure that your target audience understands the message that your event conveys. It offers a larger food and drink selection to your attendees so there will be something for everyone!

Sponsorships are a way to save money while reaching new audiences. Partners can market your pop-up event by promoting it on their channels such as their website and social media which will boost your attendance and increase your revenue.

Cashless payments are a convenient and secure way to make and receive payments during your pop-up event. Recording videos during your pop-up event will extend the longevity of it and allow you to reach a broader audience.

We recommend hiring a professional to shoot videos to build credibility to your event and to create a positive brand image online. So how can you build enough excitement among your target audience to attract people to your pop-up event?

Use social media to promote your event and drive curiosity by posting teaser photos and mysterious captions. This will help you build brand awareness and arouse audience engagement. If you want to create an effect of surprise with a pop-up event without revealing too many details, you can create a countdown and send save-the-date notices via your social channels to build excitement and interest.

Organizers can partner with influencers that will use their social media to promote your event. It is essential to choose wisely when partnering with influencers. You want to make sure that their followers represent your target audience.

For example, if the goal of your pop-up event is to launch a product designed for children, you should partner with influencers who are followed by parents. Based on the type of event you are planning , you might need to purchase tables, shelves, lights, and most importantly, decorations that will match your theme.

Pop-up events only last for a short period of time, so you really want to bring as many people as possible from the start. For that reason, you need to focus on the marketing strategies to raise awareness for your event.

Organizers should give themselves enough time before the event to build interest and arouse excitement among the target audience to attract them to the event. Because last-minute changes happen, you also need to make sure that you have a plan B in case something goes wrong.

After months of planning, finally comes the big day! But it does not mean that your work stops there though. Take the time during the pop-up event to connect and interact with the attendees. Showing them that you care about them will leave them with a good impression about you and your brand and will make them want to come back to your future events.

Like for any type of event, it is important to gather feedback from the attendees to understand how you can improve your future events.

Collecting and analyzing data can also help with your future objectives. For example, if the goal of your pop-up event was an experiment to determine if you should expand your business into a brick-and-mortar store, gathering and analyzing data will help you answer that question.

Hosting a successful pop-up event calls for some creativity. If you are in need of inspiration, here are a few examples of brands who nailed it with their pop-up events. In , the beauty subscription brand Birchbox went on a national tour and opened pop-up stores in multiple cities.

As you can imagine, all the beauty products fans were very excited by the experience offered to them! Customers had the chance to build their own box of makeup and get manicures and even astrology readings.

As mentioned earlier, the success of a pop-event store can sometimes lead the brand to turn into a permanent pop-up store, which was the case for Birchbox.

The globally well-known color company, Pantone, offered a unique experience with their pop-up event, Pantone Café. Customers could discover what Pantone colors tasted like by enjoying food and drinks corresponding to Pantone color numbers.

The Instagrammable seasonal pop-up was a big success, especially among people who are always posting on their social media. This example of a pop-up event shows how companies can take creative risks by stepping out of their comfort zone. The popular furniture and home decor retailer West Elm invited local artisans to set up pop-up shops in their stores on weekends.

The event, called West Elm Local, gave the opportunity to local business owners to expand their brand awareness and to gain new customers. Back in , the brand launched a pop-up store in the pop-up village located in Seaport Boulevard, Boston.

For their first pop-up store in New England, Glossier set up nine pink shipping containers in which customers could come to discover and choose beauty products.

Not your average pop-up shop! This rent-free and premises-free pop-up store gives the opportunity to homeless people to shop for clothes that have been donated by generous people. The concept started in South Africa, but its popularity exploded and now, anyone in the world can host a Street Store to help homeless communities.

This concept demonstrates perfectly what cause marketing is. With your pop-up event, you need to offer a unique and unforgettable experience to your attendees to stand out from the competition.

Following are a few ideas that will for sure make customers talk about your pop-up event:. If there are celebrities who love your brand, ask them to come to your event and to promote it on their social media. Brand collaboration has many benefits that it would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

Choose to partner with brands that align with your values and that would help you reach your goals and target audiences. By collaborating with other brands, you can reduce costs while attracting new customers and building buzz around your brand. A great way to encourage your target audience to come to your pop-up event is to offer exclusive and sales.

Who does not like free samples or to win prizes? Offer a fun and creative way to customers to interact and engage with your brand by holding contests or raffles.

You can gain new customers and build brand awareness by encouraging social media sharing. For example, you can have participants enter the contest via social media to advertise your pop-up event.

On top of selling products, consider offering complementary services to make your customers feel special. It will encourage them to try and buy your products. For example, if you sell kitchen supplies, offer a free cooking class. Hosting a product demo at your pop-up event is a great way to educate customers about your products and to show them how they would benefit from them.

Buyers might not know yet that they have a need for your products, so giving them the opportunity to try it is a way for you to give them a buying motivation. Customers like to hear opinions of past customers so ask your loyal customers to do the product demo to show potential customers that they can trust your brand.

By giving a feeling of exclusivity, you will increase interest among customers who will feel special and appreciated. So when hosting a pop-up event, keep in mind that releasing a new product will attract attendees who will want to be the first one to buy it.

By giving away free samples, you can be sure to gain new customers and to install loyalty among your current ones.

It is also a way for you to show your generosity to the attendees and to build brand awareness at the same time. Now that you know how to host a pop-up event, the next key point of its success is to build interest and excitement to attract as many attendees as possible.

A well promoted event will allow you to build awareness and to increase attendance. Here a 8 ways you can promote your event future pop-up events:. Offering a unique experience through the originality of your pop-up event will encourage your audience to participate in and be engaged in the event.

Define specific goals and choose a theme and location that will help you accomplish them in an exclusive way. If your goal is to launch a new product, you can offer free samples to attract the audience and inspire loyalty. Another way to stand out from the competition and to build brand awareness is to invite a special guest to your event, such as a local celebrity or an influencer.

You want to spread the word out about your pop-up event to gather a large crowd. An efficient way to promote it is by creating a unique banner design on your website, other events page, and on your blog if you have one.

To engage your audience, you can link the registration page to your banner so that they can sign up and buy their tickets. We also recommend investing in signage such as flyers and posters to draw attention to nearby foot traffic. You can also use a QR code generator to produce a code to add to your signage.

By scanning it, people would be able to get more information about your pop-up event. To reach a larger audience, use online marketing channels. Write a blog about your upcoming pop-up event to show the benefits attendees would get from it, and include an invitation and the link to the registration page.

Email Marketing is another online marketing technique that will let your loyal customers know about your future pop-up event. Partner with influencers who are followed by your target audience to increase brand awareness and gain visibility.

They can promote your event through social media, and share pictures and videos from your event in real-time. Another good way to promote your pop-up event is releasing a press release in which you need to include the date, time, location, and the benefits of participating in your event.

Reach out to local contacts and send complimentary tickets to a few journalists so you can earn a feature to gain visibility for your event. These days, just about everyone has a social media account!

Using social media is an effective way to promote your event, to extend your reach, and to increase attendance. Share valuable content about your pop-up event that will engage with your target audience.

You can join Facebook groups whose members are the audience you are trying to target with your event. Invite local media and influencers and ask them to promote your event before it happens but also in real-time by posting pictures and videos.

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Pop-up events are creative and temporary events that are hosted in unique spaces for a few hours or a few days before being taken down Examples of Pop-Up Strategies to Keep Momentum in Events: · 1. Host Special Events · 2. Set Up Event Banners · 3. Creative Online Marketing Our collection of the most inspiring and coolest popup spaces, and pop-up businesses we could find. Check out our other Pinterest folders for more examples

How to Host a Successful Pop-up Shop Event


Avoid these 5 common craft show mistakes!

Sample Pop-up Events - 22 Creative Pop-Up Shops & Events to Inspire Your Brand Marketing · 1. A Pop-Up Shop With a Festive Floral Front · 2. Multi-City Nike Pop-Up Shop Pop-up events are creative and temporary events that are hosted in unique spaces for a few hours or a few days before being taken down Examples of Pop-Up Strategies to Keep Momentum in Events: · 1. Host Special Events · 2. Set Up Event Banners · 3. Creative Online Marketing Our collection of the most inspiring and coolest popup spaces, and pop-up businesses we could find. Check out our other Pinterest folders for more examples

Minimizing the information you ask for will increase the number of people who join your list and you can always use email surveys to collect more subscriber information once they have signed up. Your pop-ups need to be responsive so they look good on all screen sizes, from mobile to tablet and desktop.

All buttons and forms should also be accessible no matter what type of screen the visitor is using. Here's an example of a mobile-optimized pop-up template you can create with MailerLite. If someone closes a pop-up, it means they don't want to keep seeing it. Respect their decision by not showing those people any more pop-ups during their visit.

It's annoying; plain and simple. You can solve this by setting your pop-up frequency how often a visitor sees a pop-up to at most once a day. If you advertise products or new blog posts with pop-ups, avoid showing the same pop-up to a visitor who already took action.

Most pop-up editors have these settings. Want more ideas? Here are email pop-up examples made by people like you. These were created in MailerLite. Keep it simple and have some fun experimenting with your pop-ups. In the above email pop-up example, Perfect Glasses uses their pop-up form to entice website visitors into joining their mailing list by offering to send a coupon to everyone who signs up.

Healthy Essentials Australia opts for a survey promotion pop-up form asking for feedback from website visitors who are leaving their site. As a result, Powerpointify will know that subscribers of this pop-up form are responsive to slide inspiration and free content.

In this email pop-up example, RhinoFit uses a promotion pop-up form on their pricing page inviting visitors to schedule a demo. If you want to start growing your list and business using pop-ups, our pop-up editor makes creating them simple. Click here to sign up for free and start creating your first pop-up today.

The main purpose of the email pop-up examples used in this article is to show the pop-up type and messaging strategy. If you market to people in the EU, you would need to augment these examples with the appropriate opt-in consent language and permissions. Learn more about GDPR-compliant forms in this guide.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in October and has been updated with new examples and features. that you'd like to share, we'd love to know more in the comment section below. Features Send emails Email marketing Grow your audience and build stronger relationships. Automation Send perfectly-timed and targeted emails automatically.

Transactional emails Personalize these emails to build stronger customer loyalty. Build websites Website builder Build stunning websites on your own and let your business shine. Create a blog Drive traffic and engage visitors with an easy-to-build blog.

Collect leads Landing pages Create pages to collect leads, sell products and more. Signup forms Invite people from across the web to become subscribers.

iPad Subscribe App Collect subscribers at your event or store - even offline! Email verifier Clean and optimize email lists to improve deliverability.

Sell products Digital products Sell e-books, downloads and more to grow your income. E-commerce Integrate your e-store with email marketing to boost sales. Paid newsletter subscriptions Easily set up recurring payments to offer paid subscriptions.

Gallery Examples Newsletters See designs for various occasions and industries. Landing pages Get inspired by examples made by customers like you.

Automations Automation examples Check out these email automation ideas to inspire your own. Automation templates Build professional email workflows quickly using pre-built templates.

Templates Use these expertly-designed templates to quickly build effective newsletters, web pages and forms. Newsletters Websites Landing pages Pop-ups.

Resources Knowledge base Get quick answers to the most common MailerLite questions. Video tutorials Learn at your own pace with short and sweet instructional videos.

Hire an expert Find approved consultants to help your business grow. Blog Read stories and how-to articles to level up your strategies. Best practices by industry Discover the best email marketing practices for your industry. Email marketing guide Explore the email essentials for a successful campaign.

Curious about email marketing? View all Academy courses. Check out our newest how-to guides: Migrating from Classic to the new MailerLite Authenticating your domain to maintain deliverability. en {window. Examples Newsletters See designs for various occasions and industries. Knowledge base Get quick answers to the most common MailerLite questions.

MailerLite Academy Join free online courses and get certified in our Academy. Log in Sign up. Blog 21 pop-up examples that generate conversions Duncan Elder.

Cesar Customer Support , Sthefani People and Culture , and Josue Customer Support. What are website pop-ups? Pop-ups are a powerful way to grow your email list Pop-ups are an effective way to convert website and blog visitors into email subscribers.

Source: MailerCheck. Then read this article to learn how to grow a high-quality email list 2. Pop-ups can promote offers on your website and landing pages Pop-ups are also an effective way to increase the exposure of promotions on your website and landing pages. Here are some ways you could use promotion pop-ups: Offer first-purchase discount codes while the user is shopping Collect customer feedback with survey pop-ups Promote webinars or new products Increase app downloads on your site Send visitors to a new blog post To dive deeper into promotional pop-ups, take a look at our article on using promotion pop-ups to enhance your customer experience , it covers all the details you need to know.

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Product sale. Mobile app promotion. Social media. Website announcement. Previous Skip to previous slide page Next Skip to next slide page. Pop-ups allow you to test different offers Nothing will improve your website's performance faster than continuous testing.

Pop-ups help you announce important news Pop-ups are a great way to alert website visitors to business announcements. Create your first pop-up in minutes!

Different pop-up examples and how they work. Time-based pop-ups example Time-based pop-ups appear after a user has been on your website for a specified number of seconds. Here's an example of a simple time-based pop-up on the Tony Robbins blog. Source: Tony Robbins. Welcome mat pop-ups example Welcome mat pop-ups cover the entire browser window, ensuring your offer fully captures a visitor's attention.

Source: 99 Designs. Scroll-triggered pop-ups example Scroll-triggered pop-ups are displayed when a user reaches a certain depth on your page. Here's a great example of a scroll-triggered pop-up on the Help Scout blog. Source: Help Scout. Hello bar pop-ups example Hello bar pop-ups appear at the top or bottom of your webpage.

Here's how Elegant Themes uses its hello bar pop-up to drive attention to its offer. Source: Elegant Themes. Exit-intent pop-ups example Exit-intent pop-ups appear when a visitor is about to exit your page. Source: Coschedule. Click event pop-ups example A click event pop-up is a text pop-up that appears when a website visitor clicks a certain link, such as a Call-to-Action CTA.

Anyone can create these pop-ups You can create all of these advanced pop-ups with the MailerLite pop-up editor and sync them to your email list. Email pop-ups should highlight a benefit Your pop-up should clearly explain the benefit of your offer so people know why they should sign up.

Source: Workato. Source: Photoshop Mosiac. Email pop-ups should show up at the right time As with love and business, timing is everything with pop-ups. How to optimize time-based pop-up Take a look at your Google Analytics data to understand the best time to show your pop-ups.

Source: Google Analytics. Tools to help optimize the timing of scroll-triggered pop-ups Take advantage of scroll-triggered pop-ups that only appear when a user reaches a certain depth on your page.

Here's another example of a scroll-triggered pop-up, this time used on the Groove blog. Source: Groove. Your pop-up design should match your brand Align the design of your pop-ups with your website and brand. Source: SmartBlogger.

Make pop-ups as relevant as possible Pop-ups are more likely to convert when the offer closely relates to the content on the page. Source: MailerLite. Pop-up CTA should be prominent and actionable Your pop-up should have a clear call-to-action CTA that encourages website visitors to take a particular action.

You can accomplish this by: Giving your CTA a contrasting color Making your CTA action-oriented with the use of verbs Indicating the benefit of taking action The below pop-up from Satisfy Running does all 3 of the above points well: It highlights the exact benefits of taking action, uses contrasting colors, and encourages action with verbs.

Source: Satisfy Running. Source: Tim Ferris. Only ask for necessary information People are more likely to sign up for your email list when the process is simple. Source: Days of No Code. Create responsive newsletter pop-ups to work on all devices Your pop-ups need to be responsive so they look good on all screen sizes, from mobile to tablet and desktop.

Pop-ups should be respectful If someone closes a pop-up, it means they don't want to keep seeing it. Search for:.

com News eBooks. What Are Pop-Up Events? They Provide an Audience With a Mobile Retail Experience Although it may seem counterintuitive, pop-up events can drive sales and promote business growth by offering your patrons a mobile retail experience.

They Allow Businesses To Accept Cash Payments Many pop-up shop events include multiple vendors in a designated event space, which means the lack of brick-and-mortar discourages patrons from expecting to be confined to typical transaction types. They Provide a More Memorable Experience Because pop-up events are surprising, sporadic, and may only occur once, patrons are more inclined to remember them.

Get Clear on Your Event Goals Defining goals for your pop-up event is essential to ensure it benefits your business. Plan Out Your Event After you set definable and achievable goals, you will need to plan your event. Pop-ups still require careful organization, and you will need to plan for event details, such as: Selecting a venue Sending invitations Obtaining all necessary licenses and permits Selecting vendors You should clearly define your event plan and make all necessary arrangements ahead of time to guarantee your pop-up event is well organized.

Develop a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Designing an effective marketing strategy for your event will help ensure attendance.

Consider developing a marketing strategy that includes the following event promotion tactics : Diversify marketing channels e. Create an email campaign Partner with sponsors and vendors to cross-promote Use social media tactics like giveaways to drive ticket sales Choose and Book the Right Pop-Up Venue The venue will define your event, so selecting one that meets your needs and budget is essential.

Consider factors like the following to help select a venue that will meet your needs: What is the capacity of the event space?

Do you plan to serve alcohol? Is there electricity and internet access? Do you plan to have food vendors? Is there an ATM? More related stories. Jun 2. Jan Conferences 10 Most Exclusive and Expensive Conferences Mar 4.

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Sampple all these Evente have been completed, Snack pack exclusive discounts Sample Pop-up Events to get Ppo-up word Pip-up about your upcoming event! A common challenge with pop-up shops, particularly at Affordable bulk food products events, is the lack of Wi-Fi access. For example, if the goal of your pop-up event was an experiment to determine if you should expand your business into a brick-and-mortar store, gathering and analyzing data will help you answer that question. Do you plan to serve alcohol? Because pop-up events are surprising, sporadic, and may only occur once, patrons are more inclined to remember them.

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