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Hard-to-reach markets are markets difficult to sample through panels simply because it is challenging to recruit panel members. However, we all have a smartphone in our pocket and that is what we make your advantage. Research your markets using one, uniform methodology. This does not only simplify your project management, it also heightens the comparability in the data collected making your analysis easier and your time-to-market shorter.

We recruit respondents on social media and through offer walls in smartphone apps. They are incentivized by an instant reward related to where they are recruited, e. extra coins in a game as illustrated below.

We collect no personal information about the respondent which is why we can recruit respondents that would never sign up to a panel. During the sample and before your survey data is delivered or analyzed, we run a series of data quality checks to make sure the survey data is valid. With us, data quality is our highest priority as we know that the validity of your survey results determines the value of your market research.

That begins with our expert guidance on your questionnaire and carries into the quality assurance measures build into our sampling technology. You get answers as you ask the old saying goes.

We run a quality check on all questionnaires before sampling launch to ensure it does not bias respondents or leave important aspects untouched.

We also offer consultancy on research framework and questionnaire development to keep it concise and realistic. If your survey has open answers, we make sure to filter out respondents who, say, share a tale of a pink elephant when you ask about their latest online shopping experience.

This quality measure ensures that your target criteria is met; respondents are in the right geography, languages, and they pass your screening questions. Another measure to filter out bogus answers is to include sanity check questions. We do that randomized in all surveys. We make sure your respondents' demographic basics are valid.

This helps to ensure the quality your segmentation analysis. We use advanced software to prevent duplicate respondents, so you can trust that your respondents are individual consumers.

We calculate a realistic time span for truthful survey completion based on the amount of questions and their complexity. Respondents that complete the survey out of this range are filtered out of your data as their replies are unlikely to be valid.

Respondents should never be in doubt of what you are asking them to do, how to reply to a question, or what elements in their view is related to your question.

Thus, our survey platform interface is intuitive with a lean design that we continuously improve to the newest UX standards to make sure your survey is presented unbiased. Unlimited flow of normal consumers gives you a fresh sample, per study.

Over-surveyed panelists are not a credible representation of the world. We gather insights directly from the consumers, and save our customers on costs.

Middleman, who builds margins into prices. Research is unnecessarily expensive. Majority of surveys meant for laptops are being taken on smartphones anyway. That and being conscientious about not driving survey fatigue through long or difficult questionnaires is the best way to ensure sample representation.

As with all other sampling, mobile research and Dynamic Sampling approach requires high diligent quality reassurance and strict standards of operation, which for us is an area, where Opeepl deliver significantly above market standards for similar services.

For many years, survey panels were brands' best option for survey-based research. But it is becoming increasingly clear that panels have out-lived their roles and new, innovative approaches to consumer research will become the new industry standard for consumer research.

Our dedicated team will put together the right combination of consumer sampling methods to make your next research project feasible. Home Solutions for Market Researchers Global Audiences Consumer Telephone Sample Back.

Consumer Telephone Sample. B2B Panel Data B2C Panel Data Healthcare Panel Data B2B Telephone Sample Mobile Sample Consumer Telephone Sample. Using billing location to provide low-level geographic information and household demographics, Smart Cell can access a large universe of respondents with unrivaled accuracy.

Missing Mobile (transportable) sampling solutions carry with easy a several sample cylinders to the different sample tap points in your plant SampleServe's innovative digital tools place you at the industry's forefront, intuitively addressing and resolving your core challenges

Mobile Laboratory Testing

Mobile Sampling Solutions - Mobile sampling with branded vehicles creates brand awareness and reach to a large audience while on the move Missing Mobile (transportable) sampling solutions carry with easy a several sample cylinders to the different sample tap points in your plant SampleServe's innovative digital tools place you at the industry's forefront, intuitively addressing and resolving your core challenges

We use cookies to improve your experience. By continuing to use this website you agree on cookies being used. Read More. Deny Allow. Optiscan Warehouse solutions Healthcare solutions Mobile sampling application and mobile solutions for laborotories.

Users liked the system and it made their work so much easier that they wanted to keep using it. In addition, there were no technical problems and no major usability issues. The volume of laboratory samples in home care is minor but the tests are very significant for monitoring long-term illnesses.

Samples are mainly taken from patients who receive exclusively home care. In the testing it was possible to utilize INR test referrals to monitor individuals treated with blood-thinning medication.

In the current systems, home care nurses need to return to the care unit to create a test request and to print labels before then returning to the customer to take the samples.

The mobile sampling system was tested in co-operation with OuluHealth Labs, a specialist in development and testing of health care technology.

It was a great opportunity for Mylab to pilot the system out in an actual customer environment and the results can be shared with laboratories that are planning to expand their mobile sampling systems.

They are all planning to expand their systems to include mobile use, for example, in home care and to operate mobile sampling posts with weekly sampling in sparsely populated areas. Mobile printers and label materials for healthcare From Optiscan you get barcode readers, printers, mobile computers and printing materials.

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By not having to pay to acquire new users, we can provide much better prices than traditional panels. TapResearch reaches users through mobile apps and games — people just like you who use their phones and tablets every day not professional panelists.

This network has been used to build an audience representing all ages, ethnicities, locales, education and income levels. Select your audience using over 66 targeting data points including age, gender, income, marital status, hobbies and interests, etc.

See how our Brand Insights solution can boost your brand's presence. Power your decisions with global respondents with our Market Insights solution.

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Market Research Sample Power your research with answers from the largest mobile audience network Get Started. Quickly and efficiently reach your ideal target audience Through a mobile-first sampling technology, TapResearch offers a large-scale, proprietary global audience network that reaches 20M everyday consumers not professional panelists across 25 major markets.

Mobile Sampling Technology Mobile-first sampling delivers global respondents. High-quality sample TapResearch rewards users in the virtual currency of their game or app. Lower cost Our real-time, mobile approach allows us to deliver high-quality sample at lower costs compared to traditional panels.

Advanced Targeting TapResearch reaches users through mobile apps and games — people just like you who use their phones and tablets every day not professional panelists. Ready to get started? We offer flexible ways to work with us to meet your research needs. API Intelligent API Integrations.

Self-Service Set up, launch and manage projects today.

Offline Forms Capture data securely and while offline. Automated open answer check Sklutions your survey has open Samping, we make sure to filter Discounted food provisions respondents Free sample offers and deals, say, share a tale of a pink Solutionz Discounted food provisions you ask about their latest online shopping experience. I am a Lab Professional Looking to Streamline my Drinking Water Sample Collection, Receiving, and Reporting Services. Joining a study in LifeData is very easy; participants can scan a QR code and that onboards them directly to a specific study. Easy To Learn. When doing daily diary studies, sensitive personal data, and possibly even medical data, will be collected.



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