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If you bought your ticket within the last 24 months, please contact your travel agent for a refund. Skip to the main content Accessibility information. HELP Request a refund Complete our form to request a refund for flights or related services, such as lounge access or excess baggage. Your ticket options You may be able to keep your ticket and use it for a future flight, as long as you booked on or before August 31, For tickets booked through a travel agent You can keep your original ticket and fly later, or request a refund.

How to request a refund: Use the refund form if you bought your ticket more than 24 months ago. We send you a confirmation email after we have received your request and after we have handled it. Please send your request only once, as duplicates will delay handling the applications. If you have inbound and outbound flights on the same ticket, you need to complete the refund form only once.

Have questions about your refund requests? Our chatbot Sisu is happy to help you with your questions. You can start a chat with Sisu at the bottom right corner of our website. If you already have an active refund request, you check its status on our Refund status page.

We will pay the refund to the same credit card account or to another payment method that you used to purchase the ticket. It is good to know that the refund payment may be shown on the date your ticket was issued instead of the refund payment date.

Please note that we process your personal data for the purpose of handling your refund request. Kindly minimise sharing any additional personal information that is not mandatory for handling your refund request. See the Finnair Privacy policy.

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Help and contacts Contact and request forms Current page. Our refund handling is currently congested and the average handling time is 2—4 weeks. We are sorry to keep you waiting. You can claim a refund for an unused flight ticket or part of it if the terms of your flight ticket allow it or if one of the following changes occurs to your flight and you are therefore not departing: your flight has been cancelled your flight was delayed for more than 5 hours, and the purpose of your trip is no longer valid your flight was overbooked, and you need to change flights there is a schedule change of more than 1 hour for your planned flight schedule changes less than 1 hour, a refund will be based on ticket rules.

Complete and submit this form to request a refund for payment of fees submitted in error. Request for refunds must be submitted within 60 days of payment and Refund Option (Select one) If approved, issue the refund to the account associated with the original payment. If approved, and the original payment was a check Complete this form in its entirety to request a refund of a payment made to OATH. The form must be signed. •. Submit this form in by e- mail at


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