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You could even reccyle the quiz for after the event and ask they to take it again to see how much they learned. So, make sure you underline this when promoting your event online. Use your event app to ask participants if they have any questions or topics they want to tackle during the session.

Most often, the majority of your event promotion happens online. But first, here are some broad ideas for online event promotion that works. Creating a dedicated channel where event attendees can chat and message before, during, and after an event, heightens engagement and helps foster more meaningful relationships.

And carryover to post-event social connections extends your brand reach, encouraging an even greater ROI. Struggling to come up with ways to boost engagement at your virtual events? Many virtual event providers offer a directory of events they are hosting, which can help spark interest.

Listing your event can help you find a whole new audience. Optimize all event website metadata, headers, images, titles, etc. Ensure your event name is included in an H1 heading and that all images list the event location and name in the title text and alt text.

It goes without saying that priority number one for your online event is getting the right attendees to show up. This set of ways to boost your online event is all about maxing out visibility through clever, authentic marketing techniques. Early sign-up deals offering extra goodies something extra that only early birds receive can be a powerful incentive for attracting event attendees.

We love our influencers. Get those influencers to talk about your event, and sign-ups could skyrocket. For other B2B marketing ideas, take a look at our post with plenty of ideas on how to boost your B2B event marketing strategy. Retargeting people who browsed your event, began to register for it, or made an event-related purchase with ads can produce exceptional results.

In fact, Wishpond found retargeted ad click-through rates CTR were 10x higher compared to typical display ads. Custom email segments are an essential part of any email marketing campaign.

Audiences of different ages, genders, work history, occupation, etc. Break up your segments to align with your target audiences and carefully evaluate your engagement and responses. Looking for some ideas on how to write great event promotion emails? Check out our blog post with the best 18 free event email templates for you.

Create an infographic containing important, often-referenced information that also promotes your event. Whenever someone searches for the information within your infographic, your event will gain exposure. Traditional advertising still packs a punch when it comes to attracting event attendees.

Some of the best indicators of future activity are past actions. This is true in real life and virtual conferences, trade shows, and other events. Pick a few that align with your event messaging, resources, and efforts, then grow from there.

Want more information on must-have lead generation tactics? The expectation for sleek virtual and hybrid events is only rising. People want a show. The power of media goes a long way, and here are some creative ways to get your audience on board with moments that matter.

Harness that power and show potential attendees how amazing your events are and will be. Branded merchandise is a popular, effective way to promote your brand while turning event attendees into walking brand ambassadors. Free events are excellent ways to increase interest and promote a larger event with a minimal initial investment.

Ask interested participants to provide contact information to participate in the free event, and collect their data as a resource for future outreach.

To go deeper into event promotion strategies, read our article about how to attract people to an event. By speaking at another event, you build valuable associations with the event you speak at.

You also get your brand and your message out in front of audience members interested in your field. And the added authority you get from being a speaker will elevate your event, building interest among attendees. You can mitigate some of that risk by making your webinar more fun. Here are some ways to do it.

Incentivize event attendance by getting your staff to buy in. Offer perks or prizes for the top ticket salesperson, such as paid time off, rewards with monetary value, and more. Choose complimentary topics, products, or services of interest to your target audience.

Populate your event agenda as it evolves over a few days, weeks, or months depending on your timeframe. And remember to give attendees the chance to choose which sessions they want to attend. Giveaways that offer attendees an opportunity to level up their experience or attend your event for free can encourage audience engagement for a relatively low cost to you.

To find out other ways to run an event while optimizing your virtual event budget , read our article. If you have an organizational milestone such as an anniversary, an IPO, office expansion, a new employee, etc.

open this up to attendees at your event to share in the celebration. This can also help you market your event as a unique, one-time experience. The beauty of online events is how social they can be. Most event management platforms integrate nicely with existing ways you reach your people, and the messaging you create to promote an online event is easy to deliver on social platforms.

Here are some tips. Begin connecting with your audience before your event through relevant podcasts, videos, and blogs. Talk about issues or subjects that align with your event while sparking interest in learning more.

Take advantage of that attention and maximize awareness of your online event by launching a countdown clock. It should be highly visible, updated daily, and something you feature both on your feed and in short-term content deliverables.

Add giveaways to make it even more engaging. Have a large-scale event that you hope will be unforgettable? Create a branded, custom hashtag that you then promote before, during, and after the event.

This can actually happen before, during, or after the online event as well, and is a powerful way to get more eyes on your content. Event updates, realtime stories, and more can all be shared in real time.

To promote your event in the best way using social media, check out our other ideas for social media event promotion here. Nowadays, you need a robust event promotions strategy that yields results. Here are some tried and true methods. Giving free tickets to organizations you want to partner with can generate amazing results.

Your target partner has an opportunity to learn more about your brand, while you benefit from their engagement with your event. Including speakers and guests to participate in panels from diverse cultural and professional environments will help your organization appeal to the broadest possible audience.

This is especially valuable for those making it a priority to seek out and support organizations promoting diverse events.

Exclusive offerings pique interest and generate buzz. Run one or several small invite-only events that align with your main event, and analyze the results before deciding on your main ticketing scheme. People love to rep things they believe in, so if they believe in you, why not ask them to be an ambassador?

Webinars and virtual events are a tech-heavy endeavor. Geofencing may be your money-maker in terms of ad strategy. We all love discounts. Given their massive audience outreach, Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have proven to be popular mediums for event promotion.

Here is how you can use Facebook to attract people to your event:. Create a Facebook page about your event and share it with different groups.

If your budget allows, go for paid promotion as well. This will generate quick returns for a small investment. Cross-promote the event with an event marketing partner who has considerable influence in generating buzz and increasing registrations.

X Formerly Twitter is another widely-used medium in the events industry. There are many ways through which you can promote your event on X:. Create a catchy hashtag for your event and find creative ways to get it trending. You could even devise a competition, encouraging registrants to retweet and include the event hashtag for the chance to win a prize!

Event organizers also leverage LinkedIn as an effective promotional tool to entice more event attendees. Given its huge professional user base, LinkedIn can help attract the right audience to your event.

You can:. Many users visit your event website, but for some reason, they get distracted and click away from the landing page. You need to hone in on the users who are clearly interested but perhaps have shorter attention spans.

Ad retargeting across your Google AdWords account and on the ticket sales page will continually remind visitors of your event as they visit other websites. You need to consider the following points while attempting ad retargeting:. Identify your audience- do you want to target those who clicked off during checkout?

Maybe you want attendees from a particular geographical area only? You can use Google Tag Manager to manage codes, tags, and pixels for your retargeting campaigns.

Different ads work on different websites and devices. Instead, come up with new, creative messages, images, and colors to maximize your ad retargeting results. If there is one way to push your event into the spotlight, it is to create a performance that has the potential to go viral.

This could include putting your own spin on popular challenges think back to the Ice Bucket Challenge or the early Blindfold challenge , organizing a flash mob, filming a video featuring adorable puppies… Get creative! Remember, the messaging should be smart and subtle.

Quick response QR codes have been around for some time now. You see them on packages in the grocery store, consumer goods, magazines, and brochures. Given their ease of convenience, they have also become quite popular in the events industry.

Most smartphones include built-in QR app readers, so there are several ways to make the most of this technology to come up with some cool event promotion ideas. For example:. Include a QR code with the digital or printed sponsorship material handed out at your event.

Since printed matter becomes outdated in a matter of days, the QR code can provide attendees with the latest news on your event with just a simple scan. Whether you are marketing your event through digital or traditional billboards, including a QR code allows any person to scan it and get more details about your event.

Visual content is important to boost social engagement and promote your event. Incorporate storytelling in the form of infographics to provide all the information about your event in a simple, fun manner. Given their high shareability value, infographics are an effective, low-cost visual tactic to generate more buzz around your event.

Never underestimate the power of a cute mascot! A great way to promote your event is to incorporate mascots that represent your event values as well as send positive vibes to attendees.

People will want to take selfies with the mascot and share it on social media, thus increasing the brand value of your event. This option, however, should only be considered when your event is spread over days. Another cool event promotion idea is to hand out exclusive merch such as branded caps, T-shirts, tote bags, or digital paraphernalia such as pop-sockets to attendees before, during, and after the event.

It incentivizes people to sign up for your event year after year because, after all, everyone loves free stuff! Today, it is no longer a question of whether AR should be incorporated into an event, but how it should be done. Brands also achieve higher visibility by sponsoring prizes or including logos in AR advertisements.

Geolocation is the new buzzword in event marketing, as marketers are finding new ways of reaching customers through location-based targeting. Even the aforementioned technologies, such as AR advertising is based on the concept of geotagging. Combine AI and predictive analytics with geotagging to narrow down the behavioral patterns of target audiences and match them to their niche desires.

This allows you to take personalization to the next level, by tapping into regional content and local influencers. Ensure to incentivize data collection by highlighting perks and benefits — consumers can be understandably concerned about privacy!

Create a highlight reel of the best moments from past versions of your event, or release a teaser trailer of keynote speakers and planned activities for an upcoming one.

Product sampling events are one of the most popular forms of experiential marketing. They allow brands to showcase their products while allowing consumers 6 event promotion examples to increase registrations · 1. Leverage gamification to increase attendance · 2. Host exclusive events for registered 15 Creative Event Marketing Examples · 1. Event Marketing for Product Launches product launch event · 2. Interactive Event Demonstrations · 3

Event Promo Video: 5 great examples

Promotional sample events - Another cool event promotion idea is to hand out exclusive merch such as branded caps, T-shirts, tote bags, or digital paraphernalia such as pop Product sampling events are one of the most popular forms of experiential marketing. They allow brands to showcase their products while allowing consumers 6 event promotion examples to increase registrations · 1. Leverage gamification to increase attendance · 2. Host exclusive events for registered 15 Creative Event Marketing Examples · 1. Event Marketing for Product Launches product launch event · 2. Interactive Event Demonstrations · 3

These include:. Featuring these basic elements in your event social media posts will help you grab the attention of the most relevant attendees for your event, as well as helping them quickly get the information they need — avoiding any friction, frustrations or missed opportunities to catch the eye of your target audience.

Take a look at the event social media post examples below, which include the key information that potential attendees need to know across the visual and caption.

A post shared by U AID STICHTING u. On LinkedIn, you can take this one step further by creating an event page. You can then add the link to this event page in your company page post, such as in the first LinkedIn event post example below click the image to see the live post.

This post format helps you clearly display your event information in a structured way. A great way to remind viewers of your upcoming event on social media is via an event countdown post.

Use it to highlight the remaining time until the start of your event or the deadline for sign up. A countdown allows you to create a sense of urgency and FOMO fear of missing out , prompting people to decide quickly before missing out on the occasion.

It can also help to drive excitement for those who have already registered to attend. Additional event countdown social media post ideas include using a calendar visual, or animating your countdown clock, such as in the Twitter and LinkedIn conference examples below.

Follow along on our pages this week, October , as we share highlights from the show. Sharing details about your event can help drive intrigue and interest. The chance to meet and hear from others.

This is why introducing your event guests, hosts and speakers on social media — especially if they are well-known to your target audience — is a best practice to grow your attendee list. This is something the sports industry does well.

See, for example, the matchday social media carousel from our client Hertha BSC football club below. In the first slide, the club gives a quick overview of the lineup, followed by a video that introduces the players one-by-one, in a dynamic visual format to drive excitement.

A post shared by Hertha BSC herthabsc. In your event lineup posts, you can choose to give an overview of your full agenda or to spotlight a single speaker and their achievements, such as in the examples below.

We recommend that you tag the speakers featured in your posts, especially on LinkedIn, to increase engagement. A post shared by Women in CX WiCX womxnincx. In addition to introducing the lineup, you can heighten excitement by disclosing more details about your event as the date approaches.

In the below pre-event social media post examples, both conference organizers chose to reveal the venue ahead of time. Almost done 💪 🟦🔴 We are in a good way to be ready for tomorrow DMEXCO What do you think? BehindTheScenes BTS Cologne pic.

A great way to lay out this information visually could be via a social media carousel, or with an infographic or short video, such as in the following summit and conference post examples. This October, discover everything you need to succeed in the 🌎 of accounting and finance. Reach a wider audience by tapping into the social media networks of your guests, speakers, sponsors, and other event partners.

In the first example below, the event organizer created a custom video to announce each conference sponsor. Great to be attending AdWorld this week.

Did you know? Our content distribution solution allows you to quickly and easily share your branded content with your network of partners, via a dedicated app or link sharing. Learn how Content Stadium SHARE works, and how you could benefit. People often have a strong sense of wanting to be part of something, and therefore fear being left out FOMO.

Here, you can also use videos with quick cuts or large fonts to increase urgency. If your event sells out ahead of time, make sure to shout about it on social media! Guess what? We are thrilled to report that our upcoming A Night of Raising Hope Gala is sold out! Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket.

soldoutevent gala pic. A post shared by Marketing Week marketingweeked. Help your attendees get ready for the day and get the most out of your event by sharing a pre-event checklist on social media.

See the below pre-event post example for some ideas. Create a buzz on social media on the day of your event by posting about the different talks, shows and activities as they happen.

This will help you increase awareness for your event and brand, which in turn can help you attract last-minute attendees or drive interest for your next event.

You can also use social media to take your audience backstage and share exclusive behind-the-scenes insights to engage both attendees and non-attendees alike.

See more on-the-day event, conference, fair and trade show social media post ideas below. Give your audience an insight into your event by posting photos and videos in real-time on social media.

Stories are a great medium for this, as they are designed for timely and less polished content. See how FC Utrecht adds branding to their real-time Stories below.

In addition, Stories allow you to add interactive stickers, to keep your audience engaged, such as in the NYFW Instagram example click the image to watch the full highlight. Our mobile app for real-time content creation allows you to add branded frames, stickers and fonts to your photos and videos, straight from your phone such as in the FC Utrecht example above.

Great for covering live events on social media, while increasing brand awareness. Learn how Content Stadium LIVE works. You can, of course, do the same via your other social media channels, posting videos, photos and eye-catching graphics as your event unfolds. The Show Floor is booming this morning.

If your event features talks and presentations, add value to your followers by sharing the key quotes and takeaways on your social media channels. You can simply type out the quote, such as in the Twitter event post below, or capture it on video and share it as a short clip, just like in the second example.

We are all biased. We are. This content may also encourage people who have not yet joined to attend the remaining day s of the event after all. Photo albums and fun video compilations are a great way to share these event highlights.

Even after your event is over, you can still fill your social media calendar with different post-event content. Bring value to your audience by summarizing the key learnings from your event. Continue to engage your attendees with event follow-up content.

And give people who did not join a closer look at what went on, to convince them to do so next time. Take a look at the after-event social media examples below for more best practices. Summarize your event in one post with a video or photo compilation of the highlights.

This is also a great way to promote the recording of your event if available for those who were not able to attend, as seen in the Twitter example below.

Check out the EventRecap in case you missed the main event! After the event, hand the mic over to your attendees and let them explain why they enjoyed your event in their own words. Hearing about the benefits from other attendees is always more relatable and convincing for potential future attendees.

Continue to engage your attendees after the event on social media by asking them about their experience. People love to share their opinion, and at the same time you can action the feedback to improve your next event.

You can ask open questions for more in-depth feedback, or use social media polls to gather quick input, such as in this convention post example. Events cannot take place without the support of sponsors, partners, speakers, staff, and the attendees themselves. See some post-event thank you examples below.

A post shared by DMEXCO dmexco. Another way to reuse and recycle the content of your event is by publishing blog posts around the key takeaways. Similar to the gamification idea, offer some exciting prizes and tie them to registrations. For example, run a pre-event promotion where attendees are entered into a drawing to win a prize if they register by a specific date.

Offer tiered pricing where ticket prices increase as the event approaches, and use a countdown ticker showing the price increase to create a sense of urgency. Then, promote the price increases across your marketing channels, including email, social, and the event registration page.

It offers a prime opportunity for pre-event engagement and serves as another incentive to encourage early registrations. Communities also have the added benefit of keeping your attendees engaged even after your event ends. Check out our on-demand webinar, Attract, Engage, Convert.

Sponsors crave exposure, so give them skin in the registration game. For example, sell a sponsor package where select vendors can offer a promo code for a discounted ticket.

It not only gives the sponsor increased exposure, but attendees will spring into action to purchase discounted tickets. Finding the right sponsors to help boost registrations is important. The key to effective event promotion requires identifying your event goals, understanding your audience, and using the right promotion channels and strategies to close the deal.

As an event marketer, you already juggle multiple hats, and the last thing you need is another point solution. Unlike other event technology platforms, Webex Events provides a fully-customizable end-to-end event management solution equipped with best-in-class event promotion capabilities.

Core features like event gamification, full branding and customization of all pages and features, seamless video and live streaming, powerful messaging tools, dynamic ticketing and registration , and of course, real-time metrics ensure you reach your target audience and hit attendance goals.

Webex Events is an all-in-one event management solution that uses drag-and-drop technology and requires no coding or technical know-how. Anyone can design, promote, and execute world-class events! Consider this testimonial from Raluca Cadar, Executive Director of The Protein Society, who recently planned her first virtual event using Webex Events.

There were no headaches, roadblocks, or glitches. In fact, thousands of tech companies, universities, member-based associations, and nonprofits of all sizes trust Webex Events to host their virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.

Ready to see if Webex Events can help you execute a successful pre-event promotion plan and flawless event? Reach out today for a personalized demo. The future of events is here.

Discover why event organizers trust Webex Events to power virtual, in-person, and hybrid event success. Event marketing 6 event promotion examples to boost registrations Looking for event promotion examples to increase registrations? About the author. Caitlin Barrett Caitlin is a Content Marketing Manager at Webex Events formerly Socio.

Promotional channels for pre-event marketing As an event marketer, you want to deploy a mix of event promotion examples and use multiple marketing channels to reach the greatest number of attendees. Email Marketing: Whether messaging your association members, brand community, or your marketing lists, email allows you to target and personalize promotions so they make the greatest impact.

Social Media Marketing: Use multiple social media channels and bring attendees into the mix to help with promotion. Influencer Marketing: Invite your keynote speakers or industry celebs to get the word out about your event. It should generate some organic buzz and help you boost registrations further.

Leverage gamification to increase attendance Gamification serves as a highly effective tool for driving engagement during events , but it can also provide a strategic way to amplify pre-event promotions and drive registrations.

Host exclusive events for registered attendees Again, FOMO can play in your favor and increase registrations, so think about hosting some exclusive pre-event activities only for registered attendees.

Eventss a few that evengs with your event messaging, resources, and efforts, evsnts grow from there. Start by creating Reasonable price food deals Spotify playlist for your Wvents. If it better pleases Promotional sample events officials, Promotional sample events sampl offer to whitewash your works after the event ends as an incentive to improve worn down areas that need attention. Talk about issues or subjects that align with your event while sparking interest in learning more. By creating an obstacle course featuring the XC90, we drew a crowd that created a buzz. The more people take part, the higher the excitement and energy levels. northwest awards culture education arts eventprofs eventmanager.


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