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In this article, discover how to reduce delivery times for your company. Quick Navigation:. Why should you reduce delivery times? Nearly half of European customers buying online abandon their basket if the delivery time is estimated to be longer than 3 days.

For resellers as well as consumers, delivery times are a major factor when choosing a supplier. Competition is strong, especially in e-Commerce. At the same or very similar price, customers tend to choose the cheapest or fastest delivery option.

It is for this reason that the major players in e-Commerce make speed of delivery one of their priorities. Amazon offers delivery within one working day, indeed, there are many brands offering collection within as little as an hour. By having shorter delivery times than your competitors, you gain an advantage over them!

Reducing delivery times can give you the opportunity to sell to more customers. It can prove to be a real growth driver for your business.

Conversely, if customers prefer to buy from your competitors, you may find yourself having to sell your products at lower prices to entice customers to use you instead.

Delivery is an integral part of what customers buy. If it is fast enough, it represents strong added value and a real opportunity for growth for the company! Reducing your delivery times can allow you to make substantial savings.

Reducing delivery times involves optimising routes and truck loading. Doing this can save fuel and reduce the maintenance costs of your vehicle fleet. Plus, your storage costs are also likely to reduce too. If your goods flow faster, you will store them for less time!

Reducing delivery times starts with designing your delivery routes more efficiently. Your goal should be to deliver to as many customers as possible in one round. You can achieve this by using a Transport Management System TMS and route planning functionality.

This type of software allows you to design shorter and cheaper route plans by avoiding things like tolls and traffic jams. To reduce back-and-forth trips between your customer warehouses, you should aim for the highest possible loading rate for each of your trucks.

Each round must be able to deliver to a maximum number of customers. In this way, you will reduce the time that your trucks spend running empty. A TMS can also help you to optimise your shipments.

To optimise your loads, another solution may be to rethink your pallet and packaging management system. The goal is to reduce the empty space in your trucks.

By using standardised pallets , you can optimise the loading of your vehicles as well as the storage of your products in your warehouses and those of your customers.

Most storage spaces are designed to accommodate Euro pallets. For small quantities, half-pallets are also available. They fit perfectly into a cargo hold and are suitable for small storage spaces. Set up direct delivery by allowing your customers to receive their products without going through an intermediary.

This may require additonal projects such as the creation of an e-Commerce site or the implementation of a click and collect system. By allowing consumers to collect their purchases directly from the store or warehouse, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to make your products available often to just a few hours!

When it comes to delivering a product or service, many factors come into play. From packaging and shipping, to tracking and customer service, every business has different needs. This is where outsourcing comes in! Outsourcing delivery management can help you focus on what matters most to your business, while giving you more time to work on other projects.

Here are three reasons why outsourcing delivery management is a good idea:. You benefit from the expertise of your service provider: by choosing to outsource your deliveries , you benefit from the experience of a true specialist in the field.

Its processes are already optimised to make delivery smoother and faster. You save time: you do not need to assign or develop internal resources infrastructure, equipment, human resources to manage and optimise your delivery system.

Your service provider takes care of everything, from packing to sending. You still benefit from key delivery services: outsourcing does not mean completely handing over control of your delivery to a service provider.

You keep an eye on the follow-up of orders and deliveries to relay points, which allows you to adjust the services with your partner as you see fit. Choosing the right delivery management company can be tricky. To help you, here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing your partner.

The size of your business and the type of services you require. You will not necessarily choose the same provider if you make 10 or deliveries per month. Be sure to choose a service provider who is used to working with delivery volumes close to your needs.

The type of product you have to deliver. You might not choose the same delivery management company for all of the different products that you deliver. It is sometimes necessary to choose a service provider who has the capacity to adapt to the dimensions, weight and other characteristics of your product.

Finally, remember to ask about cost. There is no point in going through an external delivery manager if it is going to cost you more money.

Remember to find out about commissions and the type of billing used. The first step to reducing delivery times is to visualise what you have. Carrying out an inventory is therefore a good first step to reducing delivery times. The more clarity you have on what you own, the more flexibility your business has in terms of how many orders can be fulfilled and how quickly they can be dispatched.

It will also help you avoid situations where you run out of stock because you didn't realise how quickly demand was growing for a certain product or service. To avoid wasting too much time with manual inventories, which can be slow and painful, we suggest you use inventory management software.

An inventory management tool is an application that helps you track and manage your business inventory. It can be used to track the quantities of each item in stock, as well as the quantity sold. An inventory management tool can also help you recognise which units are low and need restocking, so you know exactly when to order more.

Inventory management tools are often integrated with other business software, such as accounting or point-of-sale systems, saving time across your business. Another way to reduce delivery times is to organise your warehouses to optimise order preparation: an organised warehouse is a warehouse where processes are fluid.

Pre-pack your products: this drastically reduces order preparation time. Your operators just have to pick up the product and slip it into a box. Use appropriate signage: your employees must not get lost in the warehouse when picking orders. Save time in the preparation of your deliveries by setting up precise signage and ensuring that it is adhered to.

This will allow your operators to find their way easily to the correct item. To standardise your order preparation processes, the first step is to centralise and standardise all the information related to your orders.

This allows operators to gain efficiency in order preparation. Then you have to equip them accordingly. Many "nomadic" technologies have appeared in warehouses. They allow operators to save considerable time in their movement within the warehouse or in packing , and therefore your deliveries to be faster.

Here are some examples:. Finally, a more ambitious project may be able to fully automate order picking in the warehouse. However, this requires the help of an expert in automated logistics systems and a significant investment in robotics.

eCommerce delivery comprises a chain of events from receiving orders to shipping packages. The delivery process would look like this:. To succeed over the long term, you must find the best locations for your warehouses near customers.

However, finding the best services in a prime location can be difficult. NimbusPost offers tech-enabled fulfillment services that help you get an edge over your competitors and achieve your business goals. Our warehouses are equipped with cutting-edge technology and are located worldwide to enable last-mile delivery to your customers.

In addition, we are certified with Amazon flex to assure reduced in-transit damage and smooth delivery. Be it fast or regular, shipping depends heavily on your courier partner. Delivery time is the element including product quality and support on which most customers decide whether to buy from your store or move to another website.

Therefore, before choosing your courier partner , analyze their past delivery records, policies, and commitments, and explain your criteria and standards before entering into any contract. This search can be hectic, especially if you have other important work.

Nonetheless, you can transfer this duty to logistics aggregator platforms like NimbusPost — a one-stop platform for optimizing all logistics-related operations.

Express package delivery is the fastest way of delivering products. However, the cost of express delivery is also higher than a regular one because the mode of transportation here is railways or airways. Therefore, it could be surprising that most people are willing to pay a premium price for express package delivery to get one-day delivery.

Express shipping notifies customers that you are committed to offering the best services and respecting their time. It is a win-win situation from both ends. Even if you have a robust logistics system and links with a reputable shipping company, there is a good probability of late package delivery.

There are inevitable hiccups like bad weather and climate conditions, road blockage, transportation strikes, and public protests where you cannot do anything.

In such situations, predict the delivery delay and update the customer with appropriate reasons for the impediment.

Do not falsely commit anything if you cannot fulfill it for any reason. It is worse than telling the reason for the delivery delay. Instead, use tools and tracking systems to forecast delivery time.

These AI-based systems analyze unprecedented conditions and tell you when your package will be delivered. Out-of-stock inventory is one of the prime reasons for not delivering products to customers. And retailers do not give much significance to inventory management as they should.

There is inventory management software for eCommerce businesses to avoid human errors in managing stocks. Bargaining with multiple carriers will help you find the best company.

Shipping companies change their terms, policies, and price every year, so sticking to one is a bad decision. While negotiating, express your delivery standards, size and weight of packages, and destination, and ask for any discounts and offers for your business.

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Skyworks achieved 98% on-time delivery and reduced inventory with Adexa Affordable wellness foods out Reduecd CEO, Herman Fallick, Reduced delivery timeframes in Free construction toy samples recent Bloomberg News article concerning Delovery in logistics! Get the latest information on all events, sales, and offers in your inbox directly. This is why we use just-in-time JIT procurement methods. Tracking deliveries, workers, and productivity can help reduce lead times. NimbusPost offers tech-enabled fulfillment services that help you get an edge over your competitors and achieve your business goals. Returns API Process returns and exchanges.

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